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BitNile Metaverse is a diversified holding company engaged in three primary business segments: Oil and Gas, Financial Services, and Food Freshness Management solutions.

At BitNile Metaverse we understand that large, mature markets can be inefficient where dominant companies dictate terms and ignore efficiency for the sake of predictable performance and stable market share. Shifts in market conditions and/or technology present opportunities for smaller, more nimble institutions that can address these inefficiencies for sizeable gains. BitNile Metaverse specializes in identifying discounted assets that address market inefficiencies and positions them for growth and financial success.


In the News

As the value of bitcoin soars and concerns rise about the energy-intensive process needed to obtain it, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in the United States believe they have found a solution in flared natural gas.


Please click on the link to listen to the audio of the Ecoark Holdings, Inc. 2021 Special Meeting of the Shareholders held on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 1pm EST.



Marc Silverberg, ICR, Inc.
Brian McBride, BitNile Metaverse, Inc.

Board of Directors

Randy S. May

Randy S. May Chairman & CEO

As Chairman, Randy S. May leads a strong management team that is working to deliver BitNile Metaverse, Inc.’s mission of sustainable solutions through its subsidiaries and strategic partners. Under his leadership, BitNile Metaverse has completed three strategic acquisitions since 2012. Mr. May is a 25-year retail and supply-chain veteran with extensive experience in marketing, operational, and executive roles. Prior to BitNile Metaverse, Mr. May held many roles with Walmart Stores, the world’s largest retailer, based in Bentonville, Arkansas. From 1998-2004, Mr. May served as Divisional Manager for half the United States for one of the company’s specialty divisions. There, he was responsible for all aspects of strategic planning, finance, and operations for more than 1,800 stores. He had complete P&L responsibility for more than $4.0 billion dollars of sales. Under Mr. May’s leadership, the business grew sales and market share in a highly competitive market.

Gary Metzger

Gary Metzger – Independent Director
Committees: Audit, Compensation, Nominating

Gary Metzger is has served as an executive at Amco International, Inc. and Amco Plastics Materials, Inc., where in 1986 he earned the role of President. He held the position for the next 24 years. Amco was sold to Ravago Americas in December of 2011.Mr. Metzger joined the board of BitNile Metaverse, Inc. in 2013. He has contributed 40 years of product development, strategic planning, management, business development, and operational expertise. In addition to his leadership functions, Mr. Metzger spearheaded research and development for recycled polymers, new alloy and bio-based polymer development, and introduced fragrance into polymer applications. He also developed encrypted item level bar code identification technology, anti-counterfeiting technologies, and antimicrobial technologies.

Steven Nelson

Steven K. Nelson – Independent Director
Committees: Audit, Compensation and Nominating

Steven K. Nelson has been a lecturer for the Department of Accounting at the University of Central Arkansas since 2015 after retiring as Vice President, Controller of Dillards, Inc. (NYSE: DDS). His career at Dillards began in 1988, where he was responsible for administering all aspects of financial accounting and reporting. Mr. Nelson began his career in 1980 as a staff accountant for Ernst & Young and attained the title of audit manager by the time he left the firm in 1984.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Accounting from the University of Arkansas and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas.  Mr. Nelson maintains an active license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the State of Arkansas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are BitNile Metaverse’s corporate headquarters address and telephone number?
Corporate Headquarters
BitNile Metaverse
303 Pearl Parkway
Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78215
Phone: 800-762-7293

When is the company’s year end?
March 31

What is BitNile Metaverse’s Stock Ticker and what exchange is it traded on?
The stock trades under the ticker symbol “ZEST” on the NASDAQ.

Who do I contact if I did not receive my proxy materials?

Marc Silverberg, Partner
685 Third Ave 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017

Brian McBride, Inhouse Investor Relations
BitNile Metaverse, Inc.

If your broker, bank or other nominee holds your shares, you should call your broker, bank or other nominee. If, for any reason, your question is not addressed with this information, please feel free to contact our transfer agent, Philadelphia Stock Transfer, or the company’s Investor Relations team. Contact information for both parties is listed below:

BitNile Metaverse’s Transfer Agent:
Philadelphia Stock Transfer
2320 Haverford Rd.
Suite 230
Ardmore, PA  19003

Phone: 484-416-3124 – Toll-Free: 866-223-0448
Fax: 484-416-3597

Can I buy stock directly from BitNile Metaverse?
No, not at this time

Does BitNile Metaverse have a dividend?

No, not at this time

Who do I contact for maintenance of my shares (i.e. lost certificates, transfer of ownership, moving to a new address)?

Please contact Philadelphia Stock Transfer at: 866-223-0448

Who is your independent auditor?

Where can I find Analyst Coverage?
No coverage as of now